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Are you interested in painting murals professionally? This course will teach you the ins and outs of creating large scale art with confidence! Each session is packed with valuable information for beginners to pros, and is the perfect way to kick start or rejuvenate your potential as a mural artist.


Is this Series for you?

Art in Session: Murals & More is a great fit for anyone looking to find more clients and bigger projects, as well as create professional proposals and project estimates. Here you will learn to effectively manage and maintain client relations, and efficiently execute large scale art projects, and maximize mural opportunities at festivals and events. 

What is included?

 This 4 session series is packed with over 12 hours of valuable information! Each session contains two hours of pro-tips from instructor Ania Amador, and an additional hour interview with a featured mural artist.  It covers topics such as initiating conversations with clients and drafting your first professional proposal. It is easy to digest and gives you practical steps to take towards getting started today. Each session introduces a special guest artist with a unique perspective on monetizing their craft. 

Structure of the Series:

Session 1- Monetizing Murals

Session 2- Project Management

Session 3- Supplies and Materials

Session 4- Art Installations and Festivals.

Monetizing Murals

-Creating New Opportunities
-Proposals & Pricing

Project Management

-Planning & Prep
Transfer Methods

Materials & Supplies

-Spray Paint 101
Mural Must-Have

Festivals & Installations

-Maximizing the Opportunity
Large Scale Production

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"I'm so happy to have found this school. Art in Session: Murals & More gave me the understanding to confidently move forward towards my dreams of being a traveling artist. Now, I can use these tools to spread art to others and open doors of opportunity!"


- Anne Kellie

What You Get

4 video sessions with practical knowledge from artists in the field

Downloadable templates and resources

Join a community of artists (access to private Facebook group)

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Meet the Instructors

Ania Amador

Ania Amador is a professional artist that is passionate about supporting artists in achieving their goals. She shares her message as a muralist, live painter, public speaker and offers her knowledge of 20 years experience in this comprehensive course Art in Session: Murals and More.

Burgandy Viscosi

Burgandy Viscosi is a visionary artist whose art is inspired by an alchemy of philosophy, physics and culture. A North American artist, her vision is to help humanity awaken to collective consciousness through color, intention and play.

Marc Evan

Marc Evan is a Brooklyn based artist working in a variety of mediums and disciplines. A skilled illustrator, designer, and concept artist, Marc's personal works often play with the concept of pareidolia, the ability to see imagery in random patterns and sounds. Evan has carved a niche as one of the leading professional pumpkin carvers in the world.


Nicole Holderbaum, aka "Nico", is a world traveled muralist, visual artist, and creative director. Based in Florida, she has grown into a community leader and youth empowerment enthusiast. Her community program called the Kid's Mural Project, guides thousands of students across Florida state in creating their own murals.   

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer is a leading figure in the North American Visionary Art scene. He is a man on a quest for elevated consciousness and cultivates high intentions for humanity. He travels and explores many cultures. Through an exploration of the inner realms, Chris's psychedelic art continues to expand those that cross paths with it.


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