Landscapes 101

Have you been seeking to paint the natural world but don't know where to start? In this class, you will be shown the steps to paint different landscape scenes. Each session will give you practice on painting landscapes with confidence and skill utilizing the techniques and tools taught.


Is this Series for you?

Art in Session: Landscapes 101 is a fun, engaging class that will build and strengthen your skills in painting landscapes. Learn how to build a background, layer, shade, paint clouds, water, waves, and more! This series is for every skill level and gives you practical tools for all your landscape needs.

What is included?

Join us for a special edition of Art in Session: Landscapes 101 with master speed painter, Christopher Morphis. Chris will breakdown his materials, process, and techniques for creating surrealistic landscapes. The sessions kick off with Background Basics, followed by a Seascape, Mountain Scene, and a Tropical Rain Forest Tutorial. Whether you are just getting started or a skilled acrylic painter, Chris offers a unique process that will help you expand and develop your craft. 

In addition to learning the fundamentals of these different landscapes, Chris will demonstrate his signature “morphing” technique and teach you how to turn your landscape into other "hidden Images".

Structure of the Series:

Session 1- Background Basics 

Session 2- Seascape

Session 3- Mountainscape

Session 4- Tropical Rainforest 

Background Basics

-Acrylic Paint 

-Painting with Water 









-Blue Sky 


Tropical Rainforest





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"Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now." 

- Bob Ross

What You Get

4 video sessions with practical knowledge from artists in the field

Downloadable templates and resources

Join a community of artists (access to private Facebook group)

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