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Business of Art with Anamorphosis Art

Welcome to this special edition of Art in Session with full time professional artists Anamorphosis Art. We will be sharing a variety of pro-tips, time-savers, and valuable information for starting, growing, and monetizing your creative business. Regardless of where you are in the process, this workshop series is guaranteed to teach you something new, and inspire you to level up in all ways.

SESSION 1: Daily Practices, Time Management and Self-Discipline Routines for Creative Professionals.
In Session 1, we dive into the details of our journey as professional artists and the practices that create the foundation for our businesses. We will share our personal stories of how we transitioned out of our "day jobs" and into full-time creation, and the resources that helped us to achieve our goals. 

SESSION 2: Establishing and Growing Your Online Presence and Boosting Art Sales
In Session 2, we break down the essentials for creating or building your brand, growing your audience, strengthening relationships, and monetizing your art. We will share the strategies and resources that have been effective for us, and help you create a strategy for your online goals. 

SESSION 3: Merchandise and Product Development
In Session 3, we cover a variety of topics, including photographing and editing your art for reproduction, printing, and developing products including poster prints, pins, apparel, and more. 

SESSION 4: Commissions, Contracts, & Proposals
In Session 4, we will discuss managing commission work, writing contracts and proposals, and landing more consistent higher paying jobs.

SESSION 5: Materials, Set Up, and Techniques
In Session 5, we  give you the run down of supplies, our full set- up, and specific tools that are essential for our creative process. We will also demonstrate a variety of painting techniques for efficiency to help speed up your process. 

SESSION 6: Professional Live Painting
In session 6, we will cover the ins and outs of live painting at festivals and events, including finding gigs, monetizing and maximizing the opportunities and more.


***All Sessions are pre-recorded and will be available with slide shows, notes, links and downloads for 90 days from the of purchase date.***