Art in Session: 


 Festivals and Events

with Ania Amador and Jennifer Ingram 

Professional Art Directors and Curators Ania Amador and Jennifer Ingram are joining forces for an Art in Session offering you will not want to miss. “Level Up” will start with a deep dive into Festival and Events, in a 3 session series covering the ins and outs of creating and selling art in these unique environments.


  • Strengthen Online Presence 
  • Build Business Plan
  • Monetization
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling


  • Professionalism
  • Systems
  • Merchandising
  • Sales Booths
  • Galleries
  • Live Painting


  • Maintaining Systems 
  • Inventory
  • Sustainability 
  • Continued Education

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business


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Ania Amador , founder of Art in Session has been painting live, selling her art, teaching workshops, and directing large scale art installations for 10 years. Now she is  taking what she has learned about

✅ Writing proposals

✅ Merchandise production

✅ Setting up booth and gallery spaces

✅ Writing proposals

✅ Merchandise production

✅ Setting up booth and gallery spaces

✅ Developing short and long term systems for success

Ania is  teaming up with Jennifer Ingram, co-founder of the one of the leading traveling art galleries in the Visionary Art Community, Tribe 13 Gallery.  Jen brings an incredible amount of experience, knowledge, and guidance for artists of all mediums.


Do you want to break into the festival and event scene but don't know where to start?

Do you already perform, exhibit, or sell your art but don't see a return on your investment?

LEVEL UP is a three week series designed to help you

✅ Build value in your offering

✅ Navigate applications and negotiations

✅ Establish systems that will ensure your future success at festivals and events



Live Sessions on ZOOM are Monday, March 6, 13, and 20th from 6-9pm ET. Video recordings are available for you to work at your own pace.


Both Ania Amador and Jennifer Ingram have led hundreds of artists in their pursuit to LEVEL UP their art businesses.  As a founder of "Tribe 13 Gallery", Jennifer has decades of experience managing galleries and events, mentoring artists, and forging new frontiers for visionary artists.  She brings a unique perspective on professionalism and can offer guidance on etiquette in a variety of professional settings. 

While Ania Amador brings with her a vast range of insight, she is a wealth of information from her collaborative work with "Anamorphis Art", and her daily manifestation practice, "Deliberate Creation".  She pioneers leadership in art business through founding this project, "Art In Session" where she collaborates with fellow artists to bring you approachable and friendly guidance that is easy to implement.

Meet Your Teachers

Ania Amador

Ania is a professional artist and art business mentor residing in Tampa, Florida.  She primarily paints canvas art and large scale murals nation-wide. When she is not painting live on stage and curating art installations at festivals and events, she is sharing her passion for Deliberate Creation through public speaking. During the pandemic, Ania started Art in Session, a series of online resources for aspiring professional creatives. This has allowed her to pass on the knowledge that she has acquired over the years, and give back to other artists wanting to follow a similar path. She believes that if you can get there in your mind, you can get there in your body, and that is the message she hopes to spread through all forms of her art. 

Although her art and creative expression takes form in a variety of different mediums, painting and public speaking has become the primary focus of her work. Whether she is using words or paint, her intention is to illustrate her perception of the connection between the energy we project through our thoughts, words, and feelings, and the physical realities we experience.  It is through her personal example and artistic expression that she intends to inspire others to claim the power of their focus, and engage in the powerful practice of deliberate creation. ​ 

Jennifer Ingram - Art historian and Independent curator

Jennifer Ingram of Tribe13 has over 20 years of experience curating and organizing the logistics of art events, traveling shows, and galleries.  She and Roman Villagrana co-founded both Tribe13 and the Interdimensional Art Show, an exhibit and gathering held annually on the west coast since 2003. Her work has fostered visionary art culture creation through the belief that art, fashion, and music and the interrelationships between them is engaging, dynamic, and sustaining. Jennifer also works to "mother" artists in all ways to help them promote their art. Look for her at large festivals and activated gatherings all over the globe. 

An independent curator for 20 years, Jennifer Ingram has been at the helm of an art collective and traveling gallery called Tribe 13. Jennifer Ingram supports the efforts of independent artists by creating opportunities to showcase them around the world. From creating new interactive experiences to bringing the culture on tour to new audiences, Tribe 13 is at the forefront of the art, music, and fashion world of the new galactic culture emerging today.  

Since the birth of Tribe 13 in 1997, with fellow artist Roman Villagrana, Jennifer Ingram has been curating and coordinating huge efforts to help art, fashion and music move from the underground to the mainstream.  Beginning with art galleries at the Oracle Gatherings in Seattle, then graduating on to the Interdimensional Art Shows & Tours across the west coast, and now internationally, Tribe 13 has helped create the space for artists of ‘visionary’ or ‘interdimensional’ art to exist and thrive within this defining culture.